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2022-02-24 08:27:10

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Enter the universe of Elden Ring because today we will tell you how to beat lion guardian.

What to know about the guardian lion in Elden Ring?

This is one of the bosses that we will come to face in the game, considering that its official launch is scheduled for February 25, which will test our survival and to be aware of How to beat the guardian lion it is necessary that we continue closely the details that will come later.

How to beat lion guardian in Elden Ring?

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We are going to find this through the Stormveil castle, we can access this place through a couple of different paths, one can place us directly with the Lion, having to face it when passing through the main door, which is optional because the second option may be the best, certainly this confrontation is optional, because defeating it will not represent anything that benefits us, throughout the game stealth is important, because we can place ourselves behind the lion before entering the real combat, and we will add some entry hits, we have the possibility of giving a couple of hits instantly, while it is ideal to be distanced attacking with a weapon, one that has projectiles with speed is good because it moves quite quickly.

It is important that we have the HP restoration consumables for this combat, it is ideal that we use the Flasks and that we summon soldiers that can be a distraction for the rest of the opponents while we focus only on the Lion, it is very necessary to dodge the attacks of jump, because it becomes unpredictable, so creating a space between our enemy with pillars can be ideal for a short time to have the right opportunity, because it gets to move very fast.

This is how we end our guide on How to beat lion guardian, hoping that you can get the most out of a game as busy as Elden Ring.

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