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2024-07-09 09:45:09

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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to defeat dead bride in The First Descendant? with precise details.

Despite mixed reception and numerous technical difficulties, The First Descendant continues to attract players. The game features powerful enemies along the way to enhance gameplay and add challenge. They can often be defeated without any additional tactics, but there is one terrible boss whose risk seems to be quite different from the others. If you want to get some tips on defeating the Dead Bride, you're in luck, as here you can learn strategies that will allow you to face this nightmare.

How to defeat dead bride in The First Descendant?

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There is no doubt that Dead Bride is a leader in The First Descendant, that she is deadlier than others. Some of her attacks have the possibility of viciously shooting you or your teammates, in case she is not cautious enough. Next, let's examine the steps you can take to optimize your chances of victory.

  • It is necessary to use your scanner to identify the unfavorable aspects of the leader. It is essential to focus on them, as once her hue changes to yellow, you will be able to use your grappling hook to get close to them and destroy them. Once this is done, it will stagger Dead Bride, allowing you to deal a lot of damage safely.
  • Places where armor has been removed will also deal additional damage to your enemy. Use this medium to obtain advantages.
  • Maintain a constant distance. Long-range weapons, such as a sniper rifle, are used to focus on the armor parts from a safe range. The only time it is feasible to get close is when the opponent focuses on one of your teammates. However, as he turns in your direction, the disparity between you intensifies.
  • Pay attention to the Ice Dome attack. The bride turns white and becomes invulnerable to any source of damage. This is her best signal to run away as far as possible. It is imperative to employ a grappling hook to quickly evacuate the destruction area.
  • Since Dead Bride's main element is Chill, try attacks that can deal fire damage. It is likely that the cold will not cause any harm to the leader.
  • Don't come rushing into the fight. It is recommended to have a minimum level of 37 or higher to face this adversary. In case you find yourself within such a situation, it is required that you cultivate experience to optimize your chances of survival.

Finally, now that we have covered what is necessary to defeat the dead bride in The First Descendant, we will have to do it with these instructions to achieve it and continue advancing in such a fast-paced game.

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