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Doom Eternal: How To Beat The Gladiator

2020-03-20 21:20:08

We have in this Doom Eternal guide the steps to follow for the solution of How to beat the gladiator.

  In Doom Eternall we reach a duel with gladiators, it is a battle in which we have to have a lot of patience when attacking, in this guide we will find the indications that we must follow to understand How to beat the gladiator, let's see what the following content brings us in specific.


What do we need to know to sell the gladiator at Doom Eternal?


  The first thing to consider is that it will be a battle divided into 2 phases, in which our weapons and the tactics to use will have to be different for each stage, to know how to beat the gladiator let's see what happens in each of the phases.

How to beat the gladiator in Doom Eternal?


 The gladiator will use a long spiked ball on a chain against us, it will have a shield, it is possible to damage the shield but it is very difficult to achieve and it will not make sense, when noticing that the gladiator's eyes turn green, the guard and he will attack us, here we can dodge or counter at the moment this happens, we will see that he also made an attack capable of covering the entire area, we may dodge him when running to the side, if we cause rapid damage, the he is going to stagger and we can kill him from glory, they will not kill him but we will do additional damage to him in Doom Eternal


 With the Super shotgun we run to the side, if we get to see the eyes blink, then we have to use the meat hook, grabbing and shooting, if this hook is improved, we will get an armor when doing it, one detail is that it will not be Only the gladiator, since he summons the demons, will serve us to kill them to get additional resources than we got at the outer edge of the arena, if we are resource failures it will be ideal to take advantage.


 When we manage to remove the gladiator a health bar, he will get on his knees and here it is ideal to make the death of glory, we will have as a result the destruction of his shield, after this he will rise or grab another ball and chain, aggressiveness This boss will increase due to the lack of the shield and will come for us more often, in addition to summoning many demons, but all the foundations of this battle are the same, at the same time he will turn one of his weapons at a time, which creates an orange circle, being a kind of shield that will reflect our attacks, it is possible that if we cross at the same time as this we take damage, the most frequent of this phase 2 is that we have to dodge and run a lot.


 At some point we fall trapped by two energy walls, also sending undulating lines in our direction, we must run on the side that will be bending up, so we hook under it, we may also jump to the other lower side to clear it, when we finish with its second health bar it will fall again and we will kill glory and with it we will have finished and understood How to beat the gladiator

 In conclusion, knowing how to beat the gladiator is excellent because we can advance further in this interesting and moving Doom Eternal.

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March 20, 2020
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