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Guide to learn how to get all Kremkoins in Donkey Kong Country 2

 Donkey Kong Country 2 has returned to the Nintendo Switch to bring you a bit of nostalgia to this quarantine. In case you have not completed this games years ago, this is your chance to do so. Because there are certain details that you may not remember, it is our duty to explain each one of them in detail.

One of those things that you have not remembered at all may be How to get all Kremkoins, this in order to complete each level successfully capturing all these, that is why in this guide we will guide you in it so that your game is in a perfect A.

How to get all Kremkoins in Donkey Kong Country 2?

If you are just starting the game and you want to know how to get all Kremkoins that in total are 75 in the first level, then take note that this is not as difficult as you think.

The first thing you have to do is go to the first level of the game, Pirate Panic. From the start of the level, head a bit to the right until Diddy reaches a drop point that leads to the first line of bananas (there will be two of them). Instead of picking up the bananas, turn around and go through the door behind Diddy to enter K. Rool's cabin.
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Once inside it you will see that there will be a note and a balloon, this time you will have to ignore them and go directly to Diddy Kong. Start heading to the right and DO NOT pick up the two bananas near the cabin. Just jump on them and continue through the level until Diddy reaches a bunch of bananas floating above some barrels. It's okay to kill enemies along the way in this section as long as the first two bananas don't touch. After collecting the bunch of bananas, head back to K. Rool's hut as she makes sure to avoid those two bananas again.

Go back into K. Rool's cabin, this time making sure to grab the balloon and then repeat the previous step of avoiding the two bananas and collecting the bunch of bananas. After collecting the bunch of bananas a second time, head back to the hut to find a Kremkoin floating above the note. Collecting this Kremkoin will instantly add 75 to Diddy's total, allowing players to access all levels of Klubba. Kudos for the quick and easy cheat code.

If you can always avoid the two bananas mentioned, this part will be very easy to do in Donkey Kong Country 2. If any of those bananas are collected, players can simply rewind their progress by pressing ZL and ZR and selecting the appropriate frames before collecting the bananas.

 Now that you know how to get all Kremkoins in Donkey Kong Country 2 you can easily collect these objects and thus successfully complete the first level mission. Luck!

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