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2022-10-04 10:18:15

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The action in Disney Dreamlight Valley does not stop, which will lead us to tell you how to make Omelets in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What to know about Omelets in Disney Dreamlight Valley?


  Through many ingredients we will get to make different food dishes, being important for the restoration of our energy and even for the increase of our level of friendship, among the important ones are the tortillas, despite being considered basic it can take us some time , that is why to know how to do them we have to closely follow the following details, let's see.


How to make Omelets in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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We are presented with a couple of different recipes for it, only that it takes time to get the necessary ingredients, it is important to have Star Coins because you have to pay a high price for the ingredients, when we find 3 and 4 star recipes we will need 3 to 4 ingredients, for any type of tortillas we have to unlock Chez Remy before, it is the restaurant that at the beginning of the game is abandoned, for this we must unlock Remy, who is in the kingdom of Ratatouill in Dream Castle, completing In the mission we will have Remy unlocked, when he returns to the valley we will follow his search line and help him open the restaurant, starting from this we can now search for the following ingredients:


  •  Cheese for 180 Star Coins
  • Milk for 230 star coins
  • Eggs for 220 star coins
  • Basil for basil tortillas


 Through the Chez Remy pantry we will find all the ingredients by taking out the basil, we can buy most of them and in the case of basil we find it in the Peaceful Meadow biome, south of the square, with everything gathered we are going to combine them without the basil to make a standard tortilla and if we then add the basil we will have a basil tortilla.


 It is evident that knowing how to make Omelets in Disney Dreamlight Valley allows us to have more fun and progress in this interesting game.

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