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2022-10-13 08:44:30

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With this article we will cover everything you have to do about where to find ruffians in Destiny 2, so pay close attention at that time.

  What are ruffians in Destiny 2?

This is a unique type of unit that you can find in the game. The issue with this boss is that

Find in Destiny 2. They only appear in a specific part of the game and are related to the season, during which you will need to find these enemies to unlock the unique Scoundrel title. You will have to meet several of these enemies if you want to win the title.

Where to find ruffians in Destiny 2?

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In order to track down the ruffians you'll need to go through the Expedition playlist, where you'll face various enemies while digging up nearby treasures from the Pirate Lords you've been hunting during the Season of Plunder. The Expedition activity will allow you to transport treasures to your treasure transporter in two different phases and then face a big boss at the end of the encounter. You'll hear the Drifter yell that there's a big Cabal trying to run from your loot, and the Ruffians will have a distinctive black and white glow. This coloration is a direct contrast to the standard enemies you are fighting.

However, you should keep in mind that when you want to look for the ruffians and wait for him to appear. We recommend running this activity with friends if you are trying to get a minimum of two Ruffians during the activity.

 In this way we reach the end of this article on where to find ruffians in Destiny 2, so we hope to find out much more.

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