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Angel Marquez
2023-05-04 20:11:52

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This guide will help you How to Fix Destiny 2 Top Of Class and Competitive Catalyst Not Working. 

Destiny 2 is one of the most popular online multiplayer games, with millions of players logging in every day to explore its vast universe. However, recently, many players have reported issues with two of the game's most crucial features: the Top of Class and Competitive Catalyst quests. These issues have caused frustration and annoyance among players, who are struggling to progress through the Guardian Games event and complete the Competitive Catalyst quest. In this blog, we'll discuss the issues and provide solutions to fix them.

How to Progress in the Guardian Games

The Guardian Games event is a month-long competition in Destiny 2, where players compete to earn medals and represent their class. However, many players have reported that the Top of Class quest, which requires players to earn a specific number of medals, is not working correctly. The good news is that there is a temporary workaround for this issue. Players can earn Bronze Medallions in the Recreational Playlist, which count towards the Top of Class quest. While this workaround is not ideal, it will allow players to progress in the Guardian Games until Bungie resolves the issue.

In addition to the workaround, here are some other tips for progressing in the Guardian Games:

  • Play as much as possible to earn more medals.
  • Focus on the medals that are easiest for you to earn.
  • Join a clan and work together to earn medals.

Competitive Catalyst Quest

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The Competitive Catalyst quest is a challenging quest that rewards players with a powerful weapon. However, many players have reported that the quest is not working correctly, and they are unable to progress through it. If you are affected by this issue, the first thing you need to do is to safely dismantle the quest by visiting the Tower's Triumph Hall.

Once you have reset the quest, you can progress through it by depositing Guardian Games medals at the Tower's podium. This will require you to earn medals in the Guardian Games event, but it is the only way to progress through the Competitive Catalyst quest.

Bungie's Response and Resolution Timeframe

Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, has acknowledged the issues with the Top of Class and Competitive Catalyst quests and has assured players that they are working on resolving them. In an official tweet, Bungie stated that they are investigating the issues and will provide updates as soon as possible.

The community's feedback is essential to Bungie, and they have encouraged players to continue to report any issues they encounter. While it is unclear how long it will take to resolve these issues, Bungie has a track record of addressing and resolving issues in a timely manner, so players can expect a resolution soon.

The issues with the Top of Class and Competitive Catalyst quests in Destiny 2 have caused frustration among players, but there are solutions to fix them. By following the tips and workarounds outlined in this blog, players can continue to progress through the Guardian Games event and complete the Competitive Catalyst quest. While it is frustrating to encounter issues in a game, it is essential to remember that developers like Bungie are constantly working to improve the game and provide the best experience for their players.

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