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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-18 17:31:56

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Destiny 2 has managed to occupy us for a long time and this allows us to talk about how to complete the red rover raid challenge

What is the red rover challenge in Destiny 2?

This is just another of the tasks that this game has brought in its most recent expansion, as it is usually given as a secondary challenge, but it is also necessary to carry out, because the idea is to take care of getting to work hard, so well, knowing how to complete the red rover raid challenge allows us to use our elemental skills, as this makes it without a doubt a fantastic experience, something that would not be strange, since each expansion that this game has released has simply been phenomenal.

How to complete the red rover raid challenge in Destiny 2?

One of the actions that is usually necessary is to work as a team, it is necessary to carry out some meetings where it is necessary to have the "fire team" but this does not stop here because we must ensure that each of the members fulfills a particular function, of so that it is possible to have the detail about each of them having been an “operator”, at least once, on the other hand it is important to have each member shoot at least two panels on the floor below avoiding this In order to stay there for a long time, it is vital to be organized in our tasks to be executed, so that a functional strategy can divide the team into 3 pairs of 2 guardians.
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First we take care of starting the encounter and with it get to collect the operator buff, as this allows us to descend to the lower level and choose to fire two dark side panels, so that we are shaping our objective about completing How the raid challenge of the red rover.

Second it is necessary to pass the operator buff again and place it in the machine.

With the second operator buff received we are allowed to shoot at the two side panels of light, as this allows us to get the guards of the light fire team from beyond to descend, it should be noted that it is necessary to do this work quickly, since There is the possibility that a second player will die, as defending the crypt is not an easy task in Destiny 2, only that this usually occurs after having delivered the operator buff,

It is clear that this encounter usually lasts three phases, but not necessarily long, since getting the possibility of firing more panels each time, however, it is not possible to complete this challenge, until the last guardian has executed the shots at the last two panels with the amateur operator, as it is a complex race that we should not take the light if in reality we are interested in achieving victory.

In this sense, knowing how to complete the red rover raid challenge allows us to take care of working a little in Destiny 2 and in this way have the possibility of achieving a triumph that we are so anxious about.

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