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The action in Terraria does not stop, so today we are going to explain how to get a honey dispenser.

What to know about Terraria?

We are before a game where craftsmanship and creativity have a great value to get rid of the different threats that will be presented to us, not only will it be enough that we can kill our enemies, it also requires aesthetic adjustments that are reinforced with the options decorative, one of the important resources is honey, there are many things we can do with this and the objects that are related to bees, so it is ideal to understand how to get a honey dispenser and for this we have the guidance in this guide with the following content, let's see.

How to get a honey dispenser in Terraria?

As for How to get a honey dispenser, it should be noted that we are talking about a craft station, with which honey blocks are used, and we can make different furniture that focuses on the theme of honey with the help of the different recipes presented in Terraria, highlighting the following:

  • Honey Bath requires 14 honey blocks
  • The honey bed requires 15 honey blocks and 5 silks
  • The honey block requires 2 honey platforms
  • The honey library requires 20 honey blocks and 10 books
  • The honey candlestick needs 5 honey blocks and 3 torches
  • The honey candle needs 4 honey blocks and 1 torch
  • The honey chair requires 4 honey blocks
  • The honey candlestick requires 4 honey blocks, 4 torches and 1 chain

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    • The honey chest requires 8 honey blocks and any 2 iron bars
    • The honey clock needs 10 honey blocks, 6 crystals and any 3 iron bars.
    • Trace honey requires 1 block of honey
    • The honey gate requires 6 honey blocks
    • Honey food requires 16 honey blocks
    • The Honey Lamp requires 3 Honey Blocks and 1 Torch
    • The Honey Lantern requires 6 Honey Blocks and 1 Lantern
    • The honey piano requires 15 honey blocks, 1 book and 4 bones
    • Honey rig requires 1 honey block
    • The honey sink requires 6 blocks of honey and 1 bucket of water
    • The honey couch requires 5 honey blocks and 2 silks
    • The honey table requires 8 honey blocks
    • Honey grooming requires 6 honey blocks
    • The honey workbench requires 10 honey blocks

    As for How to get a honey dispenser in Terraria, it turns out that we cannot manufacture it, we only have to find or buy it, through the ivy chests we have the possibility of finding them in the subterranean jungle biomes, we must be attentive to the live mahogany trees as we progress through these green caverns, when we open a 25 percent chance we will have a honey dispenser, then it is surely necessary to open many chests until we achieve it.

    Now considering How to get a honey dispenser in Terraria by the purchase option it is possible to do it with Steampunker, it is a character that we will see once we kill a mechanical boss entering an empty room, but it is important to note that it will have the honey dispenser for sale while in a normal jungle biome, costing 10 gold.

    We hope that the information presented here on How to get a honey dispenser has been useful for your progress and fun in Terraria.

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