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2020-12-10 06:33:34

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Money is a necessary element in Cyberpunk 2077 which leads us to tell you how to get more eurodollars

What are Eurodollars in Cyberpunk 2077?

  This is simply money and it is an extremely necessary matter, because having an empty wallet is not exactly our best bet, since with this we can buy some necessary implements to be able to live and resist, in such a way that we know how to get more Eurodollars makes us choose to earn them by performing some tasks, especially because the Night City has a considerable amount of money that we can perfectly acquire and with this opt to buy:

  •   Clothing.
  • Weapons.
  • Cyber articles.
  • Essential items.

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How to get more Eurodollars in Cyberpunk 2077?

There are several ways to achieve it and this is a really important matter for it is important for:

Looting money: having the possibility that there is money scattered around the world is really great, in such a way that this can lead us to buildings since within them it is possible to find him, sometimes we can choose to take a look at the garbage since Here you can also get money since for this it is necessary to take care of selling it, because as we lend we get some amount of things that when selling them it is possible to receive money.

It should be noted that the possibility of staying in an open world allows us to achieve the objectives with a little more comfort, for this it is necessary to take care of doing some small analyzes and there are some valuable materials in the garbage that we cannot necessarily sell them so soon As we see them so that we can sell some things and keep others since later these can recover a formidable value.

Having access points: these allow us to increase our profits, for which it is necessary to take care of increasing the intelligence statistic to 5 since with this we are allowed to opt for the Advanced Datamine advantage in the Rape Protocol, to acquire at minus 50 percent profit to reach 100 percent, since these access points usually function as a contact to the system that allows us to steal money from the corporations of the Night City.

Get reported crime missions: this is another way to get Eurodollars so that it is necessary to embark on a type of contract mission, where it is vital to choose to eliminate targets, sell looted weapons and equipment.

In general, terms, knowing How to get more Eurodollars allows us to have the possibility of having money in Cyberpunk 2077.

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