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We welcome you to our Cyberpunk 2077 guide where we will talk to you about How to get into delamain HQ.

What to know about the Delamain headquarters at Cyberpunk 2077?

It is a stage of the mission do not lose your head, where the central purpose is to support an AI Delamain for its belief that it is attacked by a virus, being necessary that we enter the headquarters of this, in which the broken doors are found and they force us to know how to enter Delamain headquarters in another way, now the following details will guide us in this regard, let's see them.

How to get into delamain HQ at Cyberpunk 2077?

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With sufficient technical skill, it is possible to enter through a door that we will find at the end of the alley, if not, it is necessary that we seek to go around the back and climb to the roof, having access to a hatch that allows us to enter the building. We will reach a point where a code is required, this being 1234, with which we will open double doors through the console, when we pass through these we are in an area that is electrified, so we have to shoot a drone who are firing a laser in this place of Cyberpunk 2077, after we can pass through here we arrive where a car is, when we jump over it we can reach a platform to reach an area where there is a hole in the wall to our right , which leads us to go through a pipe, some stairs and a corridor to be in another door, when passing through this there is a hatch in the ground through which we must continue looking How to get into delamain HQ in, l hen we have to push with the car to the main area to be able to go through an electrified ground jumping in it, arriving directly at the bay of machines with lasers inside, considering that they do not hurt we go under the car and turn right, taking access to a room full of cars seen in the previous mission for the AI.

We have to continue through a room that is on the left, passing through a platform that takes us to a walkway, we have to look up and go to the right, ignoring the next room, noticing a gap through which to continue taking us to a room control, there is a glass ceiling that has a hole through which we can go down, we pass the door here and we will be in the room where the AI ​​is, presenting 3 options to follow, but that are lowered to 2 if our skills are not High and these are the fate of the AI ​​core, Restart the AI ​​core and Merge all the AIs, destroying the core releases the other AIs, eliminating the original Delamain in Cyberpunk 2077, with the reboot of the core Delamain will also be restarted and this will not have memories of us and the other AIs are destroyed, we will only win one from Delamain, finally in terms of knowing how to get into delamain HQ, the fusion of the AI ​​allows the evolution of Delamain, the C ual decide to go It is by winning a car with Delamin Jr's AI, but regardless of the choice we make for this mission we will win a car.

Finally, now that we know how to
get into delamain HQ we can move on to Cyberpunk 2077.

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