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2020-12-30 08:51:26

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Cyberpunk 2077 has finally arrived and this allows us to talk to you about how to find the upgrades to fly

What does it mean to get the upgrades to fly Cyberpunk 2077?

This is simply an ability that until recently seemed to be hidden, only that there is always someone who has the time and patience to explore enough and in this way it has been achieved, although it is true some vehicles have the ability to go further. At 200 miles per hour, it is possible to get an upgrade that allows us to move quickly even though it can be somewhat expensive, but this will not affect significantly because it does not take long.
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How to find the upgrades to fly in Cyberpunk 2077?

Our first task includes having the possibility of buying the "Epic Fortified Ankles Cyberware", for this it is necessary to locate a Ripperdoc that can be located in fingers, only that for this it is necessary to have a sum of 75,000 eurodollars, but this does not stop here, and we need to take care of acquiring an upgrade that has the ability to slow down time by 60 percent and has a value of 7,500 Eurodollars.

It is necessary to take care of getting V to fly, in this sense it is necessary to activate the float option of the Fortified Ankles, this makes us take care of aiming the sight of our weapon while we are flying, it is necessary to hold down the jump button, and it is here where we can see that the screen is blurred with V floating, it is possible to keep it up to 10 seconds in the air while running large crowds, on the other hand when landing we do not suffer any damage, this being an action from which it is possible to take advantage

 In this sense, knowing How to find the upgrades to fly allows us to dominate the air for a short period of time, but that can be significant, so give it a try and make the best of it in Cyberpunk 2077.

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