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As we search Cyberpunk 2077 more objects are presented to us, let's see How to Find Epic Monowire Battery

What is an Epic Monowire Battery in Cyberpunk 2077?

Undoubtedly, this game has managed to involve us considerably, because not only because of the number of years we have been waiting for it, but because its theme lends itself to investigating a bit, in such a way that knowing How to find an epic Monowire battery makes us take care of locating this one. A Weapon that has the ability to do extra damage, which can be particularly favorable in the case of final blows, since for this it is ideal to have reached somewhat high levels that allow us to dominate enemies with total normality and ease.
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How to find epic Monowire battery in Cyberpunk 2077?

It is necessary to take care of buying the mod and for this it is important to propose the search that leads us to locate the Ripperdoc, so that this makes us have to go to West Wind Estate in the southwest of the night city, in this sense, it is necessary embarking on a fast trip, which at this time is not a complicated task, as we should instead be adapted, however, not everything is traveling, as this means that it is necessary to have other requirements, and it is money because we must consider having around 2,250 eurodollars with us.

 When we get to where the Ripperdoc is, we have two different options, but they can trigger a certain similarity, and that is that there is a medium capacity battery or a high capacity battery and both have the same cost, only before proceeding to do the respective purchase is usually necessary to consider some details:


  •  It is necessary to be careful when we choose to buy the high battery because of the damage capacity.
  • The high battery has the possibility of causing charge damage to around 50 percent for the Monowire.
  • The high battery features a quick and deadly boost from the weapon's damage output.
  • There is a possibility of getting the epic monowire cyber software, only it requires about 25 street credits.
  • This mod is perhaps one of the most expensive items, however the price tag really matches how powerful the weapon can be.


Now that you know how to find epic Monowire battery, it is time to do this search and thus get a necessary artifact in Cyberpunk 2077.

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