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2020-12-16 06:55:02

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Our guide today on Cyberpunk 2077 lets us tell you how to find out how drones were intercepted

Where were the drones intercepted in Cyberpunk 2077?

It should be noted that this game allows us to have a considerable amount of elements, in such a way that knowing how to find out how the drones were intercepted leads us to locate ourselves in Badlands since everything indicates that it is in this place where they have been disappearing, so it is necessary to take care of getting a signal that allows us to make sure that they can move safely through this region so that one of the tasks to be carried out is to capture the GPS signal of the last drone that for the good fortune of all this is properly guarded.
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How to find out how drones were intercepted in Cyberpunk 2077?

Once we have managed to get to where the guarded drone is, a complicated fight is usually carried out so that it is necessary to choose to sneak in and this implies moving to the left so that this allows us to sneak through a door, and proceed to hug the right wall to break the cameras as soon as the opportunity arises, we cannot necessarily do it with all of them, but at least with some that allow us to be able to mobilize, then it is necessary to take care of a guard who has a laptop and make use of this laptop to get distracting everyone because this allows us to distract them to throw them into a container that is usually nearby and in this way, we stay at the foot of the building.

Once this has been given, we are presented with the opportunity to get a guard who is at the entrance out of the middle, proceed to enter and go up the stairs, there again take two other guards out of our way, continue until we reach the roof where it is necessary to take care of another guard, take a look at the power box and the antenna that is turned on emitting a signal to prevent the drones from flying, because in this same way it is how pirate transmissions have been achieved according to what Johnny comments, in such a way that this makes us use 10 points of technical skill to turn off the transmitter and then use a weapon to damage the power box, once we have finished this work we leave the place, and we are allowed to receive some payment for this work.

 We can conclude this Cyberpunk 2077 guide since you already know how to find out how the drones were intercepted so that you only have to go and perform this task on your own.

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