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The action does not stop at Cyberpunk 2077, a fact that leads us to explain how to get Tabula E-Rasa.

What to know about Cyberpunk 2077?

The open-world stands out in this RPG game, it has similarities with other games, but some aspects differentiate it from these, above all it has to do with the mechanics that we have in this game, since we started, respect for skill points is ideal, this will depend on the Tabula E-Rasa, it is something that becomes a factor in the advantages obtained from the skill points, so if we want to understand How to obtain Tabula E-Rasa, we must visualize the indications to be presented to Then, without waiting any longer, let's do it.
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How to get Tabula E-Rasa in Cyberpunk 2077?

In the night city, there are some Ripper Doctors, in this is the key, so we must visit them, to any of them, although they are easy to find the difficulty is in the cost per object, being 100K Eddies and it is somewhat complicated To achieve, there are certainly many options to make money, among which are looting and collecting garbage, completing the different tasks and many more things, but missions such as Rescue and others can give us the necessary boost, now when we have the amount We can obtain the Tabula E-Rasa easily through any doctor in the entire night city, regarding the use of this it must be considered that the resetting of attribute points is not possible, so it must be used with great caution.

  We hope that this information on How to obtain Tabula E-Rasa will give you the necessary boost for your progress and fun in Cyberpunk 2077.

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