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Today we are going to tell you what you must do to know how to lift the curse in Curse Of The Dead Gods

What are curses in Curse Of The Dead Gods?

They are something that you will always have in the game, but you can lift them when it ends, although many players do not know how, but that is not a reason for you to have to play the entire game with the curse.

How to lift the curse in Curse Of The Dead Gods?

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To ensure that the curses that are thrown at you can be lifted, the first thing you have to do is destroy a boss, but you can only lift a curse if you have more than one you can choose which one can be lifted.

Although you can also use curses to your advantage by using it as gold on altars, so that you can buy weapons, statistics and relics that cannot be obtained otherwise, these instruments can also be cursed and will add effects so that the weapons are better against the enemies, but we recommend you be vigilant because you can only have 5 curses on you and if you have your fifth curse your HP is reduced to 1, and if this happens you have to destroy a boss and choose which curse to get rid of, so that you can start to regain your health.

I hope this guide teaches you how to lift the curse in Curse Of The Dead Gods, and you can use the curses to your advantage.

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