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2021-03-09 07:19:27

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Today we are going to tell you how to use badge progress trackers in Apex Legends.

Why use badge progress trackers in Apex Legends?

This will allow you to decorate frames, chews and especially trackers and badges and wear them which will give you better success in the game, and you will be able to know your statistics in each part of the way and know what goal you are in.

How to use badge progress trackers in Apex Legends?

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To know how to use the badge progress trackers in Apex Legends, you will have to see the progress tracker by hovering over the badge and below you will see a category called Progress to the next level there you will see a fraction that shows how close you are to the level or next badge

Now you no longer have to make your notes on paper to know where your progress is going, because the game will do it automatically, starting on March 9.

  I hope that with this article you no longer use those old-fashioned ways of measuring your progress, and you know how to use the Apex Legends badge progress trackers.

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