Daniel Hidalgo
2020-05-21 09:34:23

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If you are ready then let's start with this, because today we come to tell you how to get amplifiers in Crucible.

What is Crucible.

For those who wonder, Crucible is the new free team PvP shooter video game where your decisions determine your destiny and that was developed by Relentless Studios to be released today May 21.

What are Crucible amplifiers.

This is a unique type of structure that will be useful to increase the selected statistics of your character, as well as the kits and damage, all depending on the type of structure you find.
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How to get amplifiers in Crucible.

First of all you have to know that these structures are available for a limited time and are generated randomly. In order to find them you will have to open the map tab in search of the icons of the structures.

You can have your teammates help search for structures, as any team member who finds the expansion will take the effects of the entire team.

To receive the effect, just stand in front of the structure for a few seconds and the effect will last the entire game.

  This has been our guide on how to get amplifiers in Crucible, we hope that our guide has been very useful for you and now that you know how to find these structures you can get the most out of them.