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Today we are going to explain how to save live videos as this is a very interesting action that we can perform in Instagram.

Is it possible to save live videos in Instagram?

 With the passage of time, social networks have also adapted little by little to changes, they have proposed to make constant modifications for the benefit of users and thus attract many more, the possibility of knowing how to save live videos is present, since the normal thing was that these only lasted only 24 hours and the stories section and then they were removed, to get them to be valid again, it was time to download it again on the smartphone and upload it to another platform making it a more complex job .

How to save live video in Instagram?

 The process of downloading and saving these videos is one of the most sought-after actions by most users, since there are public personalities who upload videos and most of their followers remain alert to download and save them, the good thing is that Instagram Currently it offers us the possibility of achieving it, it only provides us with two interesting actions to save or share it, both are viable, both necessary and useful, so at this point knowing how to save live videos is phenomenal and is done in this way:
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  • It is required to open Instagram and create the live as we usually do.
  • The video to be saved must have a minimum duration of 1 minute.
  • To end the live we just need to press Finish.

There we will be presented with some options and we must choose the ones that suit us best, this is Save to IGTV, Download and obviously Delete.

After that, we can keep it as long as we want and if we want to promote it at some point, it will only be necessary to share it with those we consider necessary.

 How to share live videos on Instagram from IGTV?

 Knowing how to save live videos allows us to download a number of interesting videos that we can choose to save, delete or share, in the case of the latter option, it is an activity that is becoming quite common, we may consider that some videos deserve be shared, as they appear to be non-temporary, and we may want them to stay on the networks a bit longer, this is also done to get more visibility in Instagram.

 How do I download live videos from other Instagram users?

 Everything discussed above is directly related to own videos, but it is possible to do it with videos from other users, only this makes us have to use third-party applications, which makes it necessary to have a number of different options but that After all, it is worth experiencing them, so let's see what these steps are to get how to save live videos from other users.

First, it is necessary to have some applications that may be available for iOS or Android, some are paid, others are not.

  •  Required to download the Story Save for Instagram- Story Downloader QR code which is free and has been unscrewed by InShot Inc.
  • Another option is to download the Story Saber QR code worth 8.99 and it was developed by Yerzhan Tieuov.

 This application is great for downloading stories but it is clear that we are using third parties, so we only need to get the App and go to the profile of the user to whom we want to download the videos, select the story that interests us and then save content.

 It is possible to go to there we enter the name of the user and their respective story that we want, in addition to being able to see all the stories that we want without them even suspecting them, because in this way knowing how to save live videos is simply presented to us as an interesting option to keep some videos that we consider feasible to keep.

 In one way or another, knowing how to save live videos allows us to keep those that we consider of interest, counting that users in Instagram tend to upload stories constantly

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