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If you are looking to know where to find essential resources in Population Zero, we tell you that here you will have it covered with details.

What do you have to know about the essential resources in Population Zero?

In order to have access to technologies, it is necessary that we get the resources that will allow us to unlock the tree of technologies, creating the necessary objects for this purpose, now to have an ideal location of these on the map it is necessary to see the following content will help us understand where to find essential resources, so pay close attention to the paragraphs to come from here on out.
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Where to find essential resources in Population Zero?

Let's look at the details on where to find essential resources below:

  • Sector G8 - Krypton Battery: this is a cold area, where the geyser is hot, we will notice here the remains of a spaceship with batteries that are scattered throughout the area. "
  • Sector 16 - Bractus: the resin that the Bractus plant has will be very useful for our piece of armor, in this sector its growth occurs in the small islands of the swamps, with the use of a stone knife it is possible to harvest of this plant.
  • Sector G4 - Green moss: in the swamp biome there is a creature that grows green moss on the skeleton, it is a toxic area, so it is necessary to use a gas mask, also food that serves to detoxify.
  • Sector M17 - Metal: fragments of the hull is the indicated option to obtain metal, since in the processing station we can transform them, in sector M17 is the majority of these fragments, here are some remains of a spaceship where we will find them .
  • Desert Sector - Merid Carapace: to the north of the map we have a desert biome, here we will find some small Meridian monsters, which hide under the layer of sand, with a bone ax or the bone sword it is possible to kill them easily, thus releasing the resource we are looking for in Population Zero.
  • Sector G12 - Limestone: between the cold and warm biomes is the limestone deposit area, we are going to need a thermal suit to get it, we have to come and go quickly again and again returning to the hot side.
  • Sector P19 - Salt: there are many pillars of salt in the desert area, which we can knock down with a pick, in the game this area is the place where there is the greatest amount of concentrated salt, the place is very hot, so if it reaches Our health is affected, it is necessary that we seek shade to take refuge or enter the water.
  • Sector M19 - Thorium: it is a blue stone, which we can extract by means of a search received by Radov in the center, here in this sector is the largest deposit of thorium, to separate them the use of the beak is necessary.

In conclusion, knowing where to find essential resources is excellent because we can advance further in this interesting and moving Population Zero.

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