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Apex Legends: How to fix DXError – Cannot Download or Re-download

2020-05-20 12:13:56

You can get past this Apex Legends error now that we are going to tell you how to fix DXError.

What is Apex Legends DXError.

This is an installation error occurring among users trying to install a new copy of the games in Windows 10 and occurring after the season 5 update for those who tried to reinstall the game or run a new one settings on your new PC.

With this in mind we have prepared several solutions on how to fix DXError, so if one does not work for you, simply go to the next.

How to fix DXError in Apex Legends.

The first solution we have for this problem may sound a bit radical, but it is a way to solve any problem. This is about reinstalling the game, for this you can either completely remove the game and its files or use the IObit uninstaller to completely remove all installation files, associated folders and registry entries.

You can also remove Origin completely from your PC and remove associated folders, so please reinstall Origin first and run the latest gpu driver updates or pending Windows updates.

You can also reinstall DirectX as this error is also associated with it.

Another solution is to make sure that the security software is not blocking any plugin, for this you can add the applications in the exceptions list of your security tool.

If the error is still not solved you will have to modify the value of the Windows Registry

For this you will have to access the Start key and in the search box you will type Registry Editor, select File> Export. Save a backup copy of your registry settings safely.

In case another error occurs, you can restore it from Registry Editor App> File> Import.

Go to - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SOFTWARE> Microsoft> DirectX.

Go to - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SOFTWARE> WOW6432Node> Microsoft> DirectX.

Find the DirectX folder and right-click on Version and go to where it says Modify and modify the value by placing it from to

Also make sure there are no pending updates, neither for the game nor for your PC.

 This is all there is about how to fix DXError in Apex Legends, we hope that our guide has allowed you to solve this error and remember that if any solution does not work for you, go to the next one.

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