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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-10-06 15:27:39

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Guide to learn how to start the haunted forest in Destiny 2

 In Destiny 2 you will find something called The Enchanted Forest is the key activity of the Festival of the Lost 2020. If you participate in this event you will not only be able to complete Eva Levante's rewards to obtain Strange Chocolate Coins and find Sweets, but you will also be rewarded with high-caliber gear for your next adventures. So in this guide we will teach you how to start the haunted forest to obtain all the benefits we mentioned.

How to start the haunted forest in Destiny 2?

Before starting the festival, you must visit Eva Levante in the tower. Note that while this won't apply to many of you reading this, you must have at least 770 power to interact with it.

Talk to her and accept the Festival of the Lost 2020 quest quest. It will require her to purchase a masked mask. As long as you have at least 100 flashes, that shouldn't be a problem. Eva has them for sale. You will start with a default mask that is required to enter the Enchanted Forest.

Before you leave, get all the daily and weekly rewards from Eva, as you will be able to remove them when you run the Haunted Forest.

The Haunted Forest is found through the Headmaster in the Tower. You don't launch this from Mercury despite being located there, so don't go crazy logging in from there.
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Just open the Tower, have your mask equipped, and go ahead and launch. Anyone can run this as this is a 750 event, but only coordinated teams will be able to go through nine branches before time runs out.

You can match through the default option, or choose a private match with Firewall that disables matchmaking.

Rewards you can get in the Haunted Forest

The haunted forest is a key part of Eva Levante's bounties that reward strange chocolate coins, but the key rewards that most Guardians will be interested in are the powerful level 3 engrams and pinnacle engram you can. win weekly during the Festival of the Lost. It is active.

To get the Mighty Engram, you only need to defeat 25 of the Terrors in the Enchanted Forest. As long as you keep at it, you will eventually finish them.

The Pinnacle Engram requires players to complete nine branches of the Enchanted Forest in a single race. Additionally, starting at the start of the Festival, you can obtain Cipher Decoders to open caches while in the Enchanted Forest, which can contain random rolls of Braytech Werewolf and Horror Story.

 Now that you know how to start the haunted forest in Destiny 2 you can participate in this event to win all the benefits that this game brings to you. Luck!

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