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Drake Hollow allows us to locate a number of interesting things, so it is necessary to know where to find luminous stone fragments

What are glowstone shards in Drake Hollow?

  These are nothing more than some extremely important craft materials, because these luminous stone fragments are specifically vital, because sometimes getting them is essential to be able to continue throughout the game, the advantage of all this is that we have some considerable quantity re resources which means that it can simply become a not very complicated activity.
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    Where to find glowstone shards in Drake Hollow?

     These purple crystals are simply necessary, the advantage is that they are scattered throughout the game, they are also sufficiently visible, since they are large crystal formations which simply makes locating them easier, since it is possible to search in Some roofs, or in some forests, there is no loss in reality, and it is only necessary to hit them when we manage to get them, because between the crystals there are some objects that can be extremely useful.

     Being an explorer is our task to locate these crystals, because as we walk it is possible to get hold of them, so we will choose to hit and take the object it contains, for our good fortune, we can count on a considerable amount, these simply It is a task that we will do regularly so it will only be necessary to get used to it.

     In this sense, knowing where to find luminous stone fragments simply makes us embark on an exploration trip through Drake Hollow, give it a try since here you will know how many objects these crystals have stored.

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