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Guide to learn how to unlock Attack-Move in Command and Conquer Remastered

  Many fans of this game saga have been wondering if the game has a way to Unlock Attack-Move in Command and Conquer Remastered Don't worry! This guide was made to answer that concern, so keep reading and find out.
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How to unlock Attack-Move in Command and Conquer Remastered?

To go into some detail, you should know that Command and Conquer has been at the top of the RTS genre for a long time and, although the Attack-Move option is available in most games in this genre, this option is not has hit this classic war.

As you may have already noticed, unfortunately for fans of this game the truth is that no new Attack-Move have been revealed yet in this game, so if you planned to have your troops attack automatically this will not happen, so that you will follow manually.

Although the attack move is not available, fans should be aware that there is another option that works a little differently but could be useful.

In case your troops are on the move Ctrl Alt click can be pressed, this is a target area defense, and your troops will quickly gather and defend the specific location designated by the player.

Although users can hold Q and then click around the area to order their troops to attack and move. This would be the reason that their attacks are somewhat "archaic" because they still want to keep the original version in the game. Even so, this would have been an ideal feature in a real-time strategy game, the developers have stayed away from it, this allows players to be more creative in their plays and not let things be delegated to automation.

Due to all this, the question of How to unlock Attack-Move in Command and Conquer Remastered is somewhat bland and ambiguous since the developers want to make it clear that the game was guided by the same bases with which they started leaving a feeling of familiarity to who they played previous versions.

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