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Edelmira Leon
2022-01-12 03:04:55

If you got here it's because you want to know how to train beasts in Clash of Beasts, and we've got you covered.

What are beasts in Clash of Beasts?

They are an important combat force that you will be able to train and strengthen, to use them to fight enemy bases to improve your base.

How to train beasts in Clash of Beasts?

To train a beast you will have to gain experience points, for which you will have to assault an enemy base and attack it. When you do this with a new beast, the base you attack must be of a lower level.


When your beast has acquired enough experience, you must go to the Beasts tab > then to the list > click on the beast you are going to level up, you will see a green Train tab where you must click.

You will have to spend enough Essence to train them, which you can get from the Essence Well or by assaulting an enemy base.

You will have to do this process with each beast and with the one you want to strengthen.

After reading this article on how to train beasts in Clash of Beasts, we hope you can train beasts and improve your base.

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