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My Hero One’s Justice 2: How to Call Sidekicks

2020-03-17 10:00:15

Our invitation is to let you know How to call Sidekicks, one of the many things to do in My Hero One’s Justice 2.

In My Hero One’s Justice 2 we have that the cronies are part of an interesting mechanic, but to call them can be difficult and use them in combat even more, to solve How to call Sidekicks, we will have the guidelines that this guide will bring us below.

How to call Sidekicks in My Hero One’s Justice 2?

To do this, it will be very easy to do, especially when we discover how, when we find ourselves in a battle, what we are going to do is press L2 or R2 on the PS4, on the Xbox One LT or RT. With this causing a fight between our allies in a blink, employing in our opponents the skills that will make him stun, attack him from a distance or do some combo.

In this we will have limitations, it will not be possible to do it very often, in the battle over time, we have that each partner has an indicator that will be filled, once we call the buddies this indicator will be reduced and to bring them to the battle again we have to wait for this indicator to fill again, so this means that we must make the most of every call we make.

How to do the Attack Plus Ultra of the Sidekicks in My Hero One’s Justice 2?

Being aware of How to call Sidekicks, now we have to consider the possibility of maximizing the damage that we can cause, for this we must delay the call, to the point where the Plus Ultra meter is full, this will cause that at the moment that we call our buddy we can perform a Plus Ultra attack by pressing the L2 or R2 PS4 or LT and RT on Xbox One, twice and fast, causing much more damage to our opponent if he falls in My Hero One’s Justice 2.

Now if we wait for the 3 Plus Ultra Gauges to fill up, then use a Plus Ultra attack, we will have a special move that each character has available at the same time, considering that this attack will be possible if we have 2 buddies at our disposal, what that if so, the damage we will cause will be the maximum for any other kind of attack, to do this technique we must hold down the R1, then the Triangle and circle at the same time, on Xbox One we will hold down the RB, then press the Y and B at the same time.

Knowing how to call Sidekicks is interesting, since it allows us to get around and have more fun in My Hero One’s Justice 2

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