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Lidia Rozo
2022-05-10 16:23:58

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The changes are still latent in Call of Duty Mobile which allows us to tell you about the best PDW-57 Loadout for Season 4.

What should we know about the best PDW-57 loadout for Season 4 in Call of Duty Mobile?

That this is an SMG that we are allowed to unlock at level 4 and that comes to add to the number of weapons that are present in this game, it has its particularities and statistics that make it worth some time to use it, this is a weapon that has a range of less than 10.6 meters, it is a medium range weapon and high damage, it has the ability to kill quickly, especially considering the ultra-fast firing speeds.

What is the best PDW-57 loadout for Season 4 in Call of Duty Mobile?

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  • MIP Extended Light Barrel: Allows us to disperse bullets while we are shooting down, as well as increasing horizontal recoil and damage range.
  • OWC Laser – Tactical: with this accessory we can increase the ADS speed time and this is usually visible only when the system is in ADS mode.
  • YKM Light Action: This upgrade allows for more mobility and speed, especially when aiming down sights.
  • Grainy Griptape – This upgrade allows us to reduce bullet spread and improve accuracy.
  • Monolithic Suppressor: This accessory allows you to extend the range of the weapon, as well as suppress sound.


  We can finish this guide on the best PDW-57 Loadout for Season 4, so you just have to add these accessories to this Call of Duty Mobile weapon and that's it.

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