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Lidia Rozo
2022-05-10 16:42:55

More about: Call Of Duty Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile brings news and for this reason it is necessary to tell you how to unlock Krueger in season 4.

Why unlock krueger in season 4 in Call Of Duty Mobile?

  Because this is a new aspect that we have and that in a certain way has some similarity to Ghost, only that this one usually has a hidden face, but it is an opponent, it can be considered a rival, even if it is not in the time frame of history, we must know how to unlock Krueger in season 4, because he is part of the novelties that this season has, where skins are included, in addition to operators.

How to unlock Krueger in season 4 in Call Of Duty Mobile?

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We must take care of logging in for 7 days, this does not usually have any particular order, this allows us to get this aspect as a reward, this taking into account that it is a free reward, this comes to add to the news that we can find in this season, such is the case of:


  •   Koshka sniper.
  • contact grenades.
  • Kali sticks.


  Now that you know how to unlock Krueger in season 4, it's time to get involved in this search task that nothing else offers you Call of Duty Mobile.

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