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Today we bring you a Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War guide where we will explain how to reprogram a keycard.

What to know about the keycard in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War?

We are in the mission of the game called Desperate Measures, which consists of a mission of caution and role of a double agent, taking into account that different situations arise, it is necessary that our allies Bell and Adler can enter the headquarters and for this it is vital to understand How to reprogram a keycard, to support us in this guide we will have the answers below.
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How to reprogram a keycard in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War?

It is necessary that we go to the northeast of the headquarters, we look for the recruiting office which we found going through the corridor of Charkov's office, Richter will be here in this place if we previously forgive him in the Brick in the wall mission, We will notice that he is smoking but to our left we can see a cigar box on a table, from here we take one, then our criteria leads us to kill the informant or not, then from here to the northeast we find a guard who is next to the armory, certainly you will not be able to let us pass if we do not have what is required for it, but in the dialogue we are presented with the option of persuasion, therefore if we insist we will arrive at the option to choose that I have something for you, in this way we can access the Instead, in the vicinity there is a box containing many keycards, we will reprogram the input data in the office.

We are going to find this office to the south of the armory, being necessary that we submit a guard who is inside, so to enter we must avoid doing it when he is looking through the glass door, open the lock very stealthily and we surprise him without causing lethal damage, in a nearby closet we are going to put his body, our next step is to go to where the vent in the same room is, open it and pass through it to get to where another guard is, we can knock him out while we are not seen by the guard who is patrolling the hall, we will also take him to the closest closet we have and open the armory with the red button, in a box that is located here inside is a keycard, which we will take to the computer of the data entry office, we log in and proceed to reprogram keycard, making it ready to let our allies in.

 Knowing how to reprogram a keycard is interesting, since it allows us to progress and have more fun in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

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