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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has come with it the opportunity to tell you How to obtain all evidence

What is evidence in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War?

These are simply a type of necessary evidence that we must find in the middle of the Cold War, in such a way that it is our job to focus on carrying out all the missions through history, as we progress we can collect them since there are a total of 6 tests, in such a way that knowing how to obtain all evidence simply allows us to embark on solving certain mysteries and with them in our power to finally achieve two specific operations and these are:

  •   Operation Red Circus.
  • Operation Chaos.

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How to get all evidences in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War?


  •  Evidence 1: This evidence contains a coded message that we can perfectly use later, as it is good to know that this is an initial mission where we are presented with the possibility of chasing a character and choosing to trap him on the roof, this character we have managed to achieve. chasing is called Qasim Javadi and it is our job to avoid throwing him off the roof, since we can interact to ask him “who is Arash going to meet?
  • Evidence 2: Here it is necessary to take a look at the three guards, because as they are inattentive it is time to take advantage of the opportunity and this is because one of them is asleep near Ritcher and this contains an audio reel, this being the necessary proof to get, because in this way we are breaking down our search to know how to obtain all the evidence, this usually gives him within the Brick in the Wall mission and it is our job to find an informant named Ritcher for whom it is necessary to go down to the basement .
  • Evidence 3: This piece of evidence leads us to have to move to Kraus's house, to find him it is necessary to go up to the second floor in search of his briefcase, proceed to hide by locating the room on the left side, since it is Karus's and Inside a drawer on the table is our longed-for test, because before doing all this process it is necessary to be cautious and choose to reassure his wife, because we are immersed in the Brick in the Wall mission.
  • Evidence 4: Our work here consists of arriving at the bar in the fake American city of the 80s of the Soviets in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, since it is necessary to locate an identification related to the center of the tests, because here it is necessary to confirm if it has registered in our game, in such a way that our work leads us to locate at least 3 of the 6 pieces of photographic information, since they are the necessary content to choose to unlock the piece of evidence and this takes place in Redlight, Greenlight, this is the evidence of red light and green light evidence.
  • Evidence 5: This evidence is simply a necessary option to find a solution to Operation Red Circus in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, since it is necessary to locate this piece after having managed to attack and fire the command center in the family base, since this piece of evidence simply it is an audiotape that is being played on the table in the center of the room.
  • Evidence 6: This is our last piece to achieve our objective about How to obtain all the evidence, this leads us to get involved in a mission called Evidence in Desperate Measures, because simply this mission is quite complex in which it is necessary to get a card access, since this leads us to do it while we are in the control of Belikov, this being the only option to get the clock or rather the evidence that contains the list of deaths, so that we cannot fail when we get to enter the logs room because not doing the full job simply leads us to start the mission completely.

 This is all we know about How to Get All Evidence, as we just embarked on some quests through history in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

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