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We are still working on Call of Duty Warzone and this makes it convenient to tell you how to play Ghosts of Verdansk game mode.

What is Ghosts of Verdansk game mode in Call of Duty Warzone?

This is nothing more than a characteristic that usually occurs in this game and that is clearly related to Halloween and the respective event called The Haunting, also knowing how to play the ghosts of Verdansk game mode leads us to understand that this is usually an event which is usually given for a limited time in Call of Duty Warzone and has a start date on October 19, this is a mode that is usually quite favorite for many players and where we are allowed to find ourselves in a scenario that has undoubtedly been altered.

How to play Ghosts of Verdansk game mode in Call of Duty Warzone?

 Our task begins with a game in Battle Royale and when we die we will simply become a ghost, on the other hand, normally here we usually carry weapons but being a ghost it will be necessary to have skills, and that is where we know how to play the ghosts game mode de Verdansk leads us to consider having:
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Teleportation: this is an interesting and very favorable ability that usually occurs in this mode in Call of Duty Warzone, it is slow cooling and with which we are allowed to go from one place to another only in short distances.

Super jump: this is another skill that we must know about How to play the Verdansk ghosts game mode and this is a fast cooling ability, with it we are allowed to get big jumps and slide to hit the ground .

Reappear as a survivor: this ability allows us to have the ability to gather a total of 3 souls, when we manage to drop a soul we will see that it is usually killed, which will make us continue to be ghosts and we are allowed to eliminate the survivors.

Special Burst: this ability allows us to stun players, in addition to working quite similar to an EMP blast wave, thus allowing us to deactivate vehicles that may be nearby.

Playing the Verdansk ghosts game mode leads us to consider that souls are usually highlighted on the ghost map, we have the ability to catch some souls of agents who have not been killed so far, but this does not remain there, due to that there is another way to resurface in the operators and this implies making a finishing move on the players who may be alive.

It is good to note that ghosts have some interesting features in Call of Duty Warzone and this implies:


  •  This game mode has shelters for operators and these are often referred to as the Sacred Land.
  • Sacred grounds are often shown as a blue icon that tends to emit a light.
  • It is necessary to take into account that ghosts do not have the ability to access the sacred grounds for some period of time.
  • Over time, ghosts can destroy or damage sacred grounds.
  • To see the fear meter, just take a look at the bottom of our HUD and it usually goes to 0 to 100 points

There are high chances of experiencing hallucinations, this usually occurs when the meter may have exceeded 50 points.


  • It is necessary to make it clear that the fear meter can increase due to:
  •  Taking damage from enemies.
  • See ghosts or dead enemies.
  • When enemies tend to use Killstreak.
  • Being inactive is camping.
  • When a teammate dies or is knocked down.


 The measure of fear can decrease and this usually occurs when:


  •  We terminate a contract.
  • We remain on some active sacred ground.
  • We eliminate an enemy, be it a player or a ghost.
  • We revive a teammate.


This is all you need to know about how to play Ghosts of Verdansk game mode, so that you just have to be attentive to the use of skills in Call of Duty Warzone.

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