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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-09 14:55:46

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Knowing how to fix voice chat not working is a necessary task to solve in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, let's see.

What does voice chat represent in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War?

Without a doubt, the bugs do not seem to leave this game, and this makes us feel the need to find solutions although in some cases these may not be official but they somehow solve the problems, in this sense it is necessary to know how to fix the voice chat not working, an issue that makes communication with friends simply not possible and this is complicated as it is a crucial issue in this game where destruction or search are simply necessary issues.
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How to fix voice chat not working on Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War?

Turn voice chat off and on: this may be an old enough solution but in some cases, it can be favorable, such that it is necessary to:

  •  Go to the options menu.
  • Then proceed to disable voice chat
  • Next, you need to activate voice chat.


 This solution can help us, but in a certain way, we suffer from another problem only in some cases, related to an input device that is not detected, for which it is necessary:

  •  Go to system settings in the Windows search bar.
  • Then click on Sound Settings.
  • In the input configuration, it is necessary to click on the drop-down menu to locate the microphone that is designated.
  • Then we go to the Search System Settings and click.
  • We proceed to launch Cold War and we go to the Options menu.
  • Next, it is necessary to go to the sound configuration tab to set the microphone in the Default communication device option.

 In this sense, this is all you need to do to know how to fix the voice chat that does not work, however, just by turning it off and on the solution can be given, or at least it has worked for most of them, in such a way This allows you to choose to continue playing Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War with friends.

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