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For everyone who is wondering how to duplicate elements in Terraria 1.4, we prepared this article covering everything you need to know.

What is the duplication ability of Terraria 1.4.

With the arrival of the latest game update, namely 1.4, new items and new game mechanics, as well as other items, were added to the game. One of the additions made in this update has been Travel Mode, the new game mode that offers players a ton of new powers and settings that are not available in the other game modes. One of these powers offers the ability to duplicate objects, so there are many users wondering how to duplicate elements.

How to duplicate elements in Terraria 1.4.

To be able to duplicate elements the first thing you have to do is investigate them, for this we have to access the investigation option that is available in the energy menu. Press the Esc key and select the power menu icon under your inventory to access the available powers.

Then we will have to select the gear icon to access the research power. When you hover over the inventory objects you will see a text in red at the end of the description, which indicates the number of times we have to investigate an object to be able to duplicate it later.

Each object requires a number of different investigations, for example bombs have to be investigated 99 times before the duplicate option is available.
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In the early versions of the latest update, you would need to research rare and more useful items once in order to duplicate them. On the other hand, you will need to research around 100 of the most common objects to be able to duplicate them.

When opening the investigation menu you will have to place the object in the empty box and press "Investigation", which will consume it, but if you have already investigated it the necessary times, it will be available for duplication, in this case you will have to press the icon with the three color blocks above the investigation power menu. Select the item to duplicate and take it to your inventory.

Please note that when you duplicate, the object you receive duplicate will lose any modifications.

 So we come to the end of our guide on how to duplicate elements in Terraria 1.4 and now that you know everything you need to duplicate them, we hope you can get the most out of this mechanic and this new game mode, remember that we have much more useful content on This new update that we recommend you review.

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