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You want to know how to get cotton, milk and corn in Scrap Mechanic because you have come to the right place, here we explain it to you.

We are in the presence of Scrap Mechanic, a game that Axolot Games developed, here we must bear in mind that the map works randomly, which creates a lot of difficulty when looking for any resources and objects that we need, which puts us in the need to know how to get cotton, milk and corn, luckily the answers are in this guide and the details are below.

Why get cotton, milk and corn at Scrap Mechanic?

There are large amounts of resources in this game, which are necessary to make our creations, these are practically in the open world, among them are cotton, which helps us make costumes, corn that is used for food and water, on the other hand the metal blocks 2 serves for the resistance this high, let's see now more details of importance.

How to get cotton, milk and corn in Scrap Mechanic?

Cotton: Throughout the map we will find different environments in the open world, so it is necessary to locate the autumn climate, having the characteristic of reddish or orange leaves, in the middle of the day the soil is yellowish, since In these places is where the cotton is, it is necessary that we take a look in this medium and we will get some small plants that have white shoots, this being the cotton.
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Milk and corn: When we fix in the game we are going to find many corn plants, anything that we hit with a hammer, we will get between 3 and 4 small corn, it is one of the sources of food and water , Because if we use this corn to feed the cows, we will get the milk, with 3 ears that the cow ingests, we will have as a result to drink the milk and we will raise our food and meter of thirst, more than food the thirst can be quenched mostly for milk, we may even store a lot of milk with this process.

It is evident that knowing how to obtain cotton, milk and corn, allows us to progress and have more fun in Scrap Mechanic.

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