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Angel Marquez
2021-01-25 15:44:18

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Find out how to complete the Mean girls challenge advancing in BitLife.

What to know about the challenge of the Mean girls in BitLife?

Recently we are presented with a new challenge to complete, it is about the bad girls, being necessary to meet some requirements, these go through the fact of joining a group of women, gossiping with more than 10 friends, turning 10 friends into enemies and insult 10 classmates, then let's see the details on how to complete the bad girls challenge below.

How to complete the Mean girls challenge in BitLife?

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The first of the requirements to follow is that our character must be a woman, being young and in the school where we must be with him, because the objectives are related to our classmates, being necessary to make friends to make them enemies the rest of the life. Life, what comes now is to enter the group of bad girls, which is possible to be popular at school among our classmates to be friends with them, coming to join us then when leaving school or simply talk to the Leader, what comes next is to gossip with 10 or more friends, with the minimum of 10 friends being what we must have to achieve it, this with the school people, by having the necessary increase in the relationship we will have friends, then is when we started a rumor about one of them, something that is random and depends a lot on luck in BitLife.

Looking to solve How to complete the challenge of the Mean girls the key fact is to have then won the 10 friends, after that make them be our enemies, with only insults, making fun of them before other characters is enough, after spending some time with their spouses and managing to make their partners cheat on them, it is another situation randomly being good friends, negative things contact our enemies, to finish we have to insult 10 classmates, we will do it after being in the group of bad girls and having achieved a high level of popularity in school, it is certainly something simple, we will go to the school tab in the menu, we choose any of the classmates and make the choice of insults in the interaction's menu.

It is evident that knowing how to complete the challenge of the
Mean girls allows us to have more fun in BitLife.

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