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Angel Marquez
2021-01-12 14:42:23

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Delve into the universe of BitLife and discover how to complete the Crazy Ex challenge.

What to know about the Crazy Ex challenge in BitLife?

We are before the most recent challenge of the year that we must complete, which consists of 5 different requirements, being stalking more than 4 exes, violating restraining orders more than 4 times, killing an ex's new lover, fixing calls For sex with more than 3 exes and marrying an ex who had a restraining order placed on us, this is all part of the solution to How to complete the Crazy Ex challenge and the precise details come in the content below, so let's check it out.

How to complete Crazy Ex challenge in BitLife?

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Finding a girlfriend or boyfriends is our first objective, after making them our exes, as time passes we have to go to the activities that are in the tab about love, here you have to go Date and look for the boyfriend or girlfriend tab in the list, which allows breaking with this so that he becomes our exes, then the option is presented in the relationship tabs, here we find the exes and an option to stalk, we must kill our ex's lover, only that he must wait for that he gets it, and then we go to the crime tab for murder, choosing our ex's new lover as the target in the menu, it is important to be attentive to updates, after this requirement we go to violating a restraining order that It was put by our ex, for this we will harass continuously, which leads us to go through the exes tab and having the restraining order is that we are going to violate it, sending gifts, messages or with simple harassment.

After this completion we go once more to the exes tab where we have to fix a booty call, we will do it by touching that option, we choose our goal and the call, what must be done is that our ex likes us again, allowing you to then complete this crazy Ex challenge.

In conclusion, knowing how to complete the Crazy Ex challenge is excellent because we can advance further in this interesting and moved BitLife.

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