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In the universe of Genshin Impact we have many tasks, one of them is How to find flaming red bolognese and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about the flaming red bolognese in Genshin Impact?

The game will lead us to be able to make our own food, this through plants and animals, among which we have the flaming red Bolognese, which is part of the many important recipes for our performance and improvements, it is a pasta dish with red sauce, consists of flour x2, raw meat x2 and tomato x1, with this dish it is possible to heal ourselves by 20 percent, it also allows health regeneration for every 5 seconds out of 390 for the next 30 seconds when cooking this dish At a normal level, if we do it at a delicious level, this is capable of improving these healing statistics, to 22 percent of maximum power and 470 for every 5 seconds, now reaching the mysterious Bolognese, it has to be 26 percent healing and the maximum health at 570 for every second, which makes it opportune to want to know How to find flaming red bolognese and to help us are the following details let's see them.
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How to find flaming red bolognese in Genshin Impact?

Taking into account the resources that are required we have that the flour goes through the visit of the good hunter's shop in Mondstadt, the city of wind and song, in the case of raw meat by means of a wild boar and the squirrels that we have in On the map, tomatoes are found in nature, buying them for 120 blackberries and general goods are sold in Mondstadt for 120 blackberries as well, in the case of the recipe it is necessary to reach the 20 adventure rank, therefore the missions must be completed After reaching this range, 2500 blackberries are required, something that turns out to be simple, after that we have to buy the recipe in the good hunter in Mondstadt, considering the many things that we can find in this store.

In the heart of Mondstadt we have the location of the good hunter's shop, in the market district, here you can access dishes, ingredients and recipes, apart from the flaming red bolognese it is possible to obtain the following:


  •  With adventure rank 15 the pancake recipe for tea break for 2500 blackberry
  • With adventure rank 25 the cream stew recipe for 2500 blackberry
  • With the adventure rank 30 the recipe for seafood soup with calla lily for 5000 blackberry
  • With adventure rank 35, the Matsutake recipe sautéed for 5000 blackberries
  • With adventure rank 40 the Pile 'Em Up recipe for 5000 blackberry

Now that you know How to Find Flaming Red Bolognese apply the details and keep having fun as you progress in Genshin Impact.

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