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We welcome you to our Genshin Impact guide, where we will talk about How to get the archaic Petra set.

What to know about Genshin Impact?

Recently we have seen how new characters have been added, but as a result there is a shortage of equipment, being this in weapons artifacts and even EXP matters, which makes it more difficult to take them to the increase in levels, recently they were added 3 new characters such as Ningguang, Zhongli and Albedo, but it is timely to know how to get the archaic Petra set, which is explained below.
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    How to get archaic Petra set in Genshin Impact?

    The only artifact game that works with Geo-orientation is this one, with this it is possible to increase our elemental DMG by 15 percent by equipping it with 2 pieces, but by equipping it with 4 pieces we have that for all party members they receive 35 percent of DMG when consuming an elemental fragment that is generated by crystallization, this corresponds to the element, certainly in the same way as other sets of artifacts, to know how to obtain the archaic Petra set you have to consider the way of rewarding a special domain , this corresponding to the Guyun in Liyue, on the largest island of the stone forest of Guyun is located, here it is possible to challenge the Geo Hypostasis Elite boss.

    We will have a set of artifact that has among its lowest level the 4 stars, after level 3 of the Guyun domain is when it is able to fall as a reward therefore the range level that we must have is 30 for this happens, if we look for variants of 5-star artifacts our range must be 40, this set of 5-star archaic petra has to fall in the final 2 levels of the Guyun domain, the V and VI in Genshin Impact, at the time of equipping To this in a set of 2, each character receives the Zhongli a raw Geo DMG boost, taking into account that the real power is with the 4 equipped pieces, the abilities of most of the characters allow trigging crystallization and the production of elemental fragments, with which it is possible to generate elemental shields of different types to teammates, also having 35 percent additional damage for shields with this set.

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