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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-19 03:00:34

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Our guide today on Genshin Impact lets us tell you how to have a Conduct Cultural Exchange With the Hilichur

What does it mean to Conduct Cultural Exchange With the Hilichur?

  Thanks to the number of users that this game has achieved, there is the possibility of exploring another number of features, which we are getting as we carry out some missions, since many are new, among which it is possible to get a particular one called Language Exchange, to our good fortune is nothing strange, so it is important to know how to Conduct Cultural Exchange With the Hilichur.
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To achieve a cultural exchange it is important to consider:


  •  Work enough in the open world.
  • Make use of the compass and the map.
  • Complete the missions since we have a large number.
  • Complete the achievements of this game.


 How to Conduct Cultural Exchange With the Hilichur in Genshin Impact?

 To carry out this exchange it is necessary to understand that this can be a somewhat confusing task, and this is due to the fact that in particular we do not have any kind of clear indications, it is necessary to talk with Ella Musk, and thus start a search of Poetry Exchange, the detail is that our task before going through the mission starts talking with an NPC in Windwail, Monsdtadt.

 Our path to complete this search allows Ella Musk to point us to where a Hilichurl camp is located, and this is because there is particularly one that is awake, to which we will approach in such a way that the others cannot wake up and it is our walk slowly avoiding as much as possible to make fast trips or some type of attacks, once close and with this Hilichurch awake it is time to talk once more with Ella Musk so that we can open the opportunity of an exchange between her and this creature , to the point that we have the possibility that the creature can give us 3 Suspicious Steakes.

 The search itself allows us to have a considerable amount of messages of respect for the pixies and even some appreciation, since in reality there is no need to eliminate them, because at this point and when we complete the mission we have the opportunity to to consider an achievement that allows us to get 5 primogems and especially the Odomu that is simply a vital currency to unlock some significant improvements.

 In this sense, knowing how to Conduct Cultural Exchange With the Hilichur simply allows us to have the possibility of moving stealthily after having listened to the indications made by Ella Musk in Genshin Impact.

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