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We invite you to discover How to be a famous writer, a new task in BitLife.

What to know about BitLife?

The most recent activity that we must undertake is the writer, which requires hard work to manage this trade and maintain it, being necessary to stand out in the world in the same way as in reality, reputation being key to reaching fame , now to understand How to be a famous writer it is necessary to consider the following details.

How to be a famous writer on BitLife?

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    High school graduation will be our first step, high intelligence being necessary, so we will have different ways to achieve it, among which are reading books through the mini-game or the library, which allows the improvement of said statistics, when we graduate from high school we will go to university and the goal is an English degree, a graduate school is the right thing to follow to reach the higher level of learning, after we graduate, we just have to wait for it to be It presents the option of writer in occupations, when it appears we identify it with the word editor.

    Once we have the job, during each year it is necessary to make an effort to maintain the intelligence of our character, the strategy to follow is the same as most occupations, once they have spent 7 to 10 years being a writer it is possible to reach fame, being our status and writing a book is ideal on some occasions, the greatest complication of this task is the appearance of said occupation, despite the fact that intelligence played a role in this work, it is possible to try sometimes that are necessary to achieve this objective.

    So we finished our guide on How to be a famous writer, hoping that you can get the best out of BitLife, a very busy game.

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