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2021-01-18 06:59:06

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The action in Genshin Impact continues its course, so we are going to explain where to find Blossoms of Wealth.

What to know about the Blossoms of Wealth in Genshin Impact?

The currency in the game plays an important role in terms of our progress, being vital in the adventure ranks, the leveling of the characters, talents, weapons and artifacts, the key to achieving mastery is the currency and one of the ways with greater efficiency leads us to obtain the currency is to know where to find Blossoms of Wealth, because through agriculture this is the most viable option, now the details to consider come next, let's see them.
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Where to find Blossoms of Wealth in Genshin Impact?

Once we have completed the Ley Line Outcrop event we can get the Blossoms of Wealth, being necessary to be at level 12 of the adventure rank, there are a couple of variations to consider from this event, the revelation flowers lead us to get items that allow a member to increase their level, this with the outcrop of the blue line, now in the case of wealth flowers the blackberry is obtained as a reward, this with the outcrop of the yellow ley line, however on the map it is must also consider the existence of a ley line outcrop per nation, in Mondstadt and Liyue, this event starts once we go to the location of the ley line and interact with the yellow cloud, seeing that when doing so, a series of enemies that we must defeat to claim the reward, depending on the location will be the class of enemies that are presented, if we are in Hilichurls it is the class of enemies that we will see and that are governed by the world level that we have.

Once we kill the enemies we will see that the Blossoms of Wealth sprout from the ground, we only have to claim our reward, considering that to open these flowers it is necessary to pay 20 original resins or a condensed resin, when opening the flower we obtain an amount determined of blackberry, adventure rank and up to XP of friendship, in case of not having what is necessary to open the flower and find it until the restart of the diary.

 In conclusion, knowing where to find Blossoms of Wealth is excellent, because we will be able to advance further in this interesting and moving game such as Genshin Impact.

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