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Learn how to overcome Geo hypostasis, this being a necessary task in Genshin Impact.

What to know about Geo hypostasis in Genshin Impact?

This is found in Liyue, it is the last hypostasis which in turn turns out to be the most complicated when compared with the electro and anemo, Geo hypostasis is the only head of the Geo, through this it is possible to obtain ascension matters For any of the characters that are involved in the Geo of our group, the location is in the Guyun stone forest, on the east coast of Liyue where there is a group of islands, it is important to have specific characters to solve how to beat to Geo hypostasis and the precise details are presented right now.
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    How to beat Geo hypostasis in Genshin Impact?

    It is necessary that we work with a Geo Vision character such as Ningguang or the traveler, or a clay character such as Razor, Chongyun, Beidou or Noelle, both being necessary in this combat, if we do not include these types of characters we will not be able to advance, taking into account Note this, it is necessary to break the pillars formed by Geo hypostasis, for this the HP of all the pillars must be dropped to the same level, considering the teleportation of hypo-stasis through one of the pillars, this can make The AoE attack causes us great damage, when we see that the hypo-stasis is found in the pillar is when we must break it, which allows us to cause an interruption in their attacks, and we can freely perform ours with any character without being the Geo, In the same way, it is possible to use provocation when moving near a pillar, only that we must be attentive before its AoE attack.

    When we have destroyed all the pillars we have to see attacks similar to those of other bosses, this being necessary to dodge, now that it is not kept covered with the blocks it is possible that it is vulnerable, so that its health begins to decrease. Create more pillars that in turn we must destroy quickly, depending on the number of pillars that are standing it is based on these that will be healing, so destroying them is important to win, thus achieving access to the reward but consider the 40 resins needed to take it.

     It is clear that knowing how to overcome Geo hypostasis allows us to have more fun in Genshin Impact.

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