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Simulation games offer us interesting activities, let's see How to attend parties in BitLife.

What is the point of attending a party in BitLife?

  Having the ability to socialize, make our character interact with some friends, this activity can occur as part of the time challenges, so it is necessary to go to parties while we are playing because this is part of the interaction process with more people.

How to attend parties in BitLife in BitLife?

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    • The first thing we must take into account is to have several friends, this allows us to attend their parties.
    • Another action to consider is to avoid nightclubs, this is not a random event.
    • We can attend the party at any age, we do not have to be adults to do so.
    • By attending school we manage to make friends, we can spend time with them and this can be done by going to the tab, relationships in Spending time with everyone...
    • At the bottom we can increase the levels of relationship with our friends, ensuring that we can keep them for life and this allows us to get the opportunity to have a party.
    • With a good number of friends that we have made, we can click on any of them and proceed to scroll down the list of things that we can do together.
    • We will see that in the task list there is the Party option, specifically above the Joke option where we will click to celebrate together.
    • Attending parties is possible when we consider favorable, each of these parties can give us different results of enjoyment for us and our friend.
    • The parties are favorable to increase the relationship with friends and of course, to let off steam.


    In this sense, knowing how to attend parties in BitLife offers us the opportunity to enjoy and increase relationships in this game, try it.

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