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BitLife Ghostbusters: How to Become an Exorcist

2020-03-04 06:29:14

We invite you to discover How to become an exorcist, one of the many tasks in BitLife.

 In BitLife we face many challenges, one of these is Ghostbusters, being necessary for the solution of this understanding How to become an exorcist, we are not talking about something that will be difficult, however, this guide is intended to help us and therefore we must pay attention to the content that brings us.

What is the ghostbuster challenge in BitLife?


 The growth of our character will not be something of extreme dedication, the main thing is to reach the exit of the institute, advance in the adventure, it is advisable to focus on our Smarts and look for how to keep it high, it is possible that it will be achieved with some dedication in the reading books that are in the library, reaching high school, then we choose to go to university and get a degree such as biology, mathematics or information systems, which allows us to generate income and opt for essential things From life, let's see from now on How to become an exorcist.

How to become an exorcist in BitLife?


 When we reach a certain income saved, we will be able to become an exorcist, for this we only have to check on the jobs that are available per year and find the option of exorcist, to do this will not depend on any type of training or anything for style, since we are talking about what will be a low-level position, in this way we would have the answers of How to become an exorcist.


 What should we do to complete this challenge in BitLife?


 What we must do first is to find houses to buy that are haunted, in the low assets and then through the real estate brokers we will find them, the prices vary, but in whether they do not matter which one we buy, only they must be haunted, automatically we will find these when making the purchase, taking into account that in doing so we will see the spell level that it possesses, if the spell level is higher, we will be able to obtain more ghosts, with some luck we will be able to complete the challenge in one house, but it is possible to have to buy a minimum of 2 to have enough ghosts that allow us to end the challenge.


 Already up to this point knowing how to become an exorcist, being in haunted houses, we must look at the option of spirits, then select one of the ghosts and thus make an exorcism, success will be random, although if we fail it is possible that We try again, in a single year if we want to, we can exorcise the amount of ghost we want, but we must be careful since they can attack us and we may lose levels of happiness, ending all the ghosts that are in one of the houses that we buy, we may sell it at a higher price and have to buy more, the challenge will be completed when we exorcise 10 ghosts.

 With this we conclude that knowing how to become an exorcist is easier than we thought and in this way we can continue enjoying our adventures in BitLife.

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