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ARK Genesis: Where to Find Hidden Bases

2020-03-03 17:38:17

Discover where to find hidden bases in this excellent and explanatory ARK Genesis guide.

We will find an important variety of creatures in ARK Genesis, which we can tame and make explorations of a new map, in the recent update we will have some base places, only these will not have the ease of access, so we want in this guide to present The answers as to where to find hidden bases, we should only pay enough attention.

What should we know about the hidden bases in ARK Genesis?

The ideal location for the construction of our bases is vital, so it is good that we take into account the coordinates in which we will get the hidden bases, in addition to other important features of these such as latitude and longitude, to specify the details let's see where to find hidden bases below in the part that comes from this guide.
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    Where to find hidden bases in ARK Genesis?




     We have to the north are 2 bases:

     With latitude 18 and longitude 60

     In these coordinates we have a place near the water, with great benefits in the construction of a base structure in a secret link, only it is possible to have greater security if we reinforce the choice in a place that is covered.

     With latitude 17 and longitude 60

     The coordinates take us through the water, thus reaching an underwater cave, which will be ideal for our structures to be hidden, we have snowy mountains, it is good to know that it is difficult to reach this area, so that will guarantee us the adequate protection of the invaders.



     With latitude 38 and longitude 77

     To get to this area we have to go to the magma biome, being in the precession of one of the ideal places so that our base structures are well hidden, something like that for villains who want to disappear from the map.



     Here we have only one base

     With latitude 14 and longitude 71

     In the new map we have a hidden base, when we reach these coordinates we will see that there is a lot of space to put our structures in a simple way, this place has good security and with a high difficulty of finding it for those who do not have the coordinates, our base it will be perfect in this location


     In this area we have 2 hidden bases

     With latitude 74 and longitude 31

     We will find in these coordinates a cave that will be in the snowy mountains, here there are many creatures and resources of vital importance, it is a very high area and this will represent a difficulty for its manipulation, inside the mountain or in the direction of the celestial box, The creation of our structure is possible.

     With latitude 66 and longitude 22

     We are in the presence of perhaps the safest and most protected area, located in the same mountains as the previous base, the defenses of these are the strongest, due to the difficult access you have to enter this area, once we get here we will realize what is ideal for our structures and those who try to invade us will encounter many problems due to the elevated area.

     This is how we finalize our guide on where to find hidden bases hoping that you can get the most out of ARK Genesis a game quite moved.

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