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Today we come with everything, everything you need to know about how to deal with swarms of insects in Ark Genesis.

What are the swarms of insects of Ark Genesis.

This is one of the many additions that developers have made in the game, specifically in the Bog Biome, where we can find many hordes of these tiny and annoying insects that will become a nightmare for you if you do not know how to address them. That is why we have prepared this guide to tell you how to deal with swarms of insects in Ark Genesis.
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    How to deal with insect swarms in Ark Genesis.

    The first thing that you have to know about how to deal with swarms of insects, is that precisely being swarms, these will attack you in swarms and although their attacks are not precisely the most powerful they can do you a lot of damage in the long term. In addition they will exhaust your resistance in each attack making you more vulnerable.

    You should keep in mind that the melee attacks have no effect on these creatures, so next we will tell you how to deal with the swarms of insects and what to do to end each of them.

    Our first trick for you is based on the bodies of water. Did you ever get to do in the cartoons that someone was chased by bees and when they threw themselves into the water the bees stopped the persecution? Well, in Ark Genesis the same thing happens, since being underwater, the insects will be around for a while and then they will leave.

    The body of water can even reach your ankles to make this technique work as long as you are in FPP, which is contrary to being in TPP where the body of water has to allow you nothing in it to be able to use it as an evasive means for insects.

    Another tool to use against insects are torches that will help you disperse them to escape.

    The use of pumps is perfect to get rid of large numbers of insects causing serious damage, just keep in mind that they will be more effective in complete swarms than in individual insects.

    Your domesticated animals are another way of attacking swarms since they will attack the insects, this will help you counteract the effect of not being able to do melee damage and the difficulty of shooting them, which will also allow you to escape.

    The use of repellents is quite effective as it will make you invisible to insects for a short period, which will give you time to escape again.

    You just have to keep in mind that by using the repellent while being close to one of your domesticated creatures that are being attacked, you will also receive the damage since the effect of the swarm attack will inflict damage to the surroundings.

    You can protect your domesticated creatures from insect attacks by using in the repellent and riding the creature you want to protect.

    The use of flamethrowers will allow you to damage larger swarms much more efficiently.

      This is all you have to know about how to deal with swarms of insects in Ark Genesis, so now that you know how to end them in the most effective and fast way we are sure that you will not have any problem when encountering any swarm.

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