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BioShock: How to Find the Weapon Upgrade Stations

2020-02-19 07:50:45

Today we prepare for you a BioShock guide with the aim of explaining how to find the weapons update stations.

Terror, science fiction and a somewhat dark story of survival make BioShock a very strong environment for Jack, only here we have a system whose resemblance to an RPG is very particular, allowing the skills and weapons of our protagonist may be consistent with the eventualities presented here, as this game is naturally of shooters and our job is to do our best to find out exactly how to find the weapons update stations.

What can we say about the weapons to update in BioShock?

The power of the natural envelope combined with the weapons becomes one of the most relevant elements to eliminate the enemies that we get in the depths of the Rapture.

In BioShock we are given the possibility of getting access to a grenade launcher, a gun, a shotgun, a crossbow and a chemical launcher, in addition to the supernatural power of plasmids, the good thing is that throughout history we find some stations of update where the improvements in immunity of damage caused by splashes are visible as well as the firing speed and the increase of the damage, being able to achieve our objectives in twelve stations to be more precise, being these the options to know how to find the stations Weapons update.

How to find weapon update stations in BioShock?


  •  Neptune: The first station is found on the floor below the freezer, for this we must go down the stairs passing through the Fontaine Fishery, then we proceed to go down some stairs where this update is presented in front of Jack being precisely the reward of Neptune.
  • Arcadia: To know how to find the weapons update stations it is important to reach the second update station, it is necessary for Jack to go through history as we will have to go to the farmer's market and simultaneously scan the machine where we will perform the task in BioShock
  • Farmer's Market: We continue with the tour of the stations and finally arrive at the market update station, but to get there it is necessary to go down the stairs in the direction of the lower floor and then we will have to move on the right side, the station is located submerged in the water that manages to filter in the Rapture
  • Fort Frolic: This fourth station is located in Le Marquis D'Epoque for this we will have to go to a room that is full of cigarettes to get there it is important to go down the stairs, take the waste and continue in a straight line and then turn to the left where is said room.
  • Sinclair Spirits: This station is the fifth and after being used it is the place where the splicers disguise themselves as statues and not only attack but also spawn without stopping, so making use here of the machine that is at the end of the level is Be a well thought out strategy in the fight against these inconveniences. To get to this room at the station, it is necessary to open a door and the button and find it at the counter that is located on the opposite side of the door, then we go down the stairs and achieve our goal.

  • Hephaestus: The sixth station is located opposite the end of the gathering garden in the core of Hephaestus.
  • Kyburz: Station seven of weapons update is in the back of the island and for this it is necessary to look for the office of Kyburz.
  • Olympus Heights: to get this eighth station you only need to go to the main square pillar that is located behind the elevator and this is located in Mercury Suites.
  • Sander Cohen's apartment: to access this ninth station it is necessary to get Cohen's attention where Jack must go up the stairs to the 4th floor where the weapon upgrade machine is and is exactly in Sander Cohen's apartment.
  • Apollo Square: this is the station of the Atlas room and for this it is necessary to go to the 4th floor of the Hestia chambers where we will use the stairs to finally reach the location.
  • Prometheus Point: Knowing How to find all the weapons update stations has taken us through many places and we are already going to location 11 where we got the station next to a dead Big Daddy that you are on the south side of the Atrium.
  • Banco de Genes: this is the last station we should get from a total of 12 update stations and it is located exactly within Optimized Eugenics, so we can rest easy because we made a long journey through this world.

 Now that you know how to find the weapons update stations it is important that you make this formidable viable in BioShock.-

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