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Bee Simulator Beetro: How to Fast Travel

2019-11-15 09:48:32

In this guide we will have all the details that will help us know how to fast travel in Bee Simulator Beetro.

The wide world that we will have in Bee Simulator Beetro will lead us to be just a bee, something remarkable despite our movements being sometimes very slow, so it leads us to the need to know how to fast travel, for this the pollen plays a great paper, since it is normal that we have to come and go to our hive carrying the loads, so we must ensure that this is as fast as possible, to achieve this, pay attention to the indications we will find in this guide.

What should we do to unlock the fast travel in Bee Simulator Beetro?

Once we start in the game in the open world, we will realize that the fast trip will not be available, which will lead us to go where we want in the normal way, but if we want to unlock the option of the fast trip, we must to do is to play the first missions, which will include the start tutorial and other missions in the zoo, the moment we go to the first location outside the hive, this being the Picnic Table, we will unlock the option to perform the Faster trips, between the hive and the Picnic Table, now we can save time.

How to fast travel in Bee Simulator Beetro?

Just pause the game and we go to the menu option that says fast trips, we will make the trips to the places that we have already unlocked so far, with this we will travel to any part of the game quickly, only we will find some missions in where this option is going to be blocked, so the more we go forward we will have access to those places and the option to travel fast we will also use it in these places that at the beginning have this option locked.

We conclude the guide, hoping that it meets the expectations contained here that I try to fast travel in Bee Simulator Beetro.

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