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Bee Simulator Beetro: How to Recharge Your Boost - tips and tricks

2019-11-15 09:25:48

How to recharge your Boost will be the solution that we will find in this guide being its central theme of the Bee Simulator Beetro game.

In Bee Simulator Beetro we can find what a bee's life is like, it has a special mechanic in which it is responsible for boosting the game being this beet, thanks to this ability we will be able to capture many insects and we can even access the destinations of a more quickly, this guide will explain how to recharge your impulse, for this reason we will see the following content.

Why recharge your Boost in Bee Simulator Beetro?

Our mechanical capacity in Bee Simulator Beetro is not unlimited, so we must know how to recharge your momentum. As we use this capacity our meter will drain, so we must recharge it again, if we want to solve this, using the indications that we are going to have now we will get the ways to recharge the meter. Which will lead us to continue reading the content of this guide.

How to recharge your Boost in Bee Simulator Beetro?

On the screen in the lower left we will notice a blue meter in our HUD. exactly above our pollen meter, this is our impulse meter, which will fill in blue when we accumulate momentum in different ways, having enough stored with the RB or R1 button according to the consoles, we will get a massive speed boost and so the blue meter begins to decrease, with this we will be able to get anywhere faster and can be a great help in Chase's challenges, so that we can recharge our impulse meter we have to collect pollen from the same time of the plant 3 times in a row, with the Bee Vision we can do it and we must collect the pollen of the flowers of the same color, so we will get a full meter.

But we must bear in mind that the fastest way to recharge our momentum will be by eating sweets or fruits, for this we will see that guests always leave a lot of food, fruits marked with a blue glow will be the ones we will eat sitting on them, thus achieving Recharge faster, also if we find the rare flowers we will get large quantities of filling meter.

We have finished, we hope that with this content the solution to How to recharge your Boost in Bee Simulator Beetro will be reached and that it will be very useful.

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