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2020-11-25 07:41:27

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Our Astro’s Playroom guide lets us talk to you about how to get all the artifacts in Cooling Springs

What are artifacts in cooling springs in Astro’s Playroom?

  These are simply a type of interesting elements that allow us to remember some physical offers that we got when we were able to enjoy the PS3, in such a way that knowing how to get all the artifacts in cooling springs is an interesting task that allows us to remember the old days and high definition for the time.
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How to get all artifacts in cooling springs in Astro’s Playroom?

 Artifacts on the beach.

 The Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller: this is a controller that is located on the left side, in such a way that it is behind the reference to the God of War, where it is necessary to choose to defeat at least 3 stinging enemies on an island. girl with a tree, because with this we can manage to pull the large cables and thus unlock the Dualshock 3 because knowing how to obtain all the artifacts in cooling springs leads us to embark on a great job.

 The ocular camera: this is another artifact in Astro’s Playroom, so this makes us have to swim to the right side of the beach where we can see some boxes that are floating in the water, it is there where it is necessary to choose to beat two enemies specifically located on the dock in the shape of a circle, then we must choose to jump and in this way the last box will arrive where we can pull the cable to get this device in Astro’s Playroom.

 Artifacts in the elastic spa.

 PS Move Sharp Shooter: Our goal of knowing how to obtain all the artifacts in cooling springs leads us to achieve this specifically by winning it, after having managed to jump through the glass wall where we observe an open box, as this takes us through from the main path where we are offered the opportunity to take the puzzle piece, to jump through the glass roofs.

 PS Move Shooting Attachment: this Astro’s Playroom artifact simply leads us to have to jump through the glass that is located above to choose to take the smallest movement accessory, as this usually occurs at the end of the elastic suit, where it will be necessary to choose to jump some amount of yellow mobile platforms and from there choose to move on top to move up and down on a platform.

Early frigid artifacts

 PS Move: this device is the navigation control and it is possible to achieve it when we fall and choose to take the cables from the small island, in such a way that reaching this device in Astro’s Playroom leads us to go down through the frozen slide since it It will lead to a wintering area, from there it is necessary to move to the right, pulling a cable to take a container and choose to launch it onto the platform suspended over the water.

The PS3 game disc: Knowing how to obtain all the artifacts in cooling springs leads us to take this artifact from a cable, after having discovered the robots, in such a way that it is necessary to start this search by placing ourselves in front of the slide, then Through this, we can access the winter room to choose to move along a path where it is possible to travel on skates so that this takes us to a platform with PS symbols on the left side, we just have to slide towards them and reach the hill of snow where the cables are.

Artifacts from the Hopalot Hotel.

 The PSP UMD: it is necessary to take care of grabbing the water box and the disc that is used for PSP games, as this occurs after jumping the ice platform and having reached the red button on the other side, as this task begins when we access to the main path of the elastic section so that it will be necessary to jump along the conveyor belt that takes us to the glass boxes with beach balls, in such a way that here we manage to rise to the next floor, where we see the platform that allows us to jump to get the room full of water.

PlayStation Portable: This is simply a Sony console and to take it it is necessary to reach the opposite side of the room with coins and a rotating cube avoiding falling into the water, as this is a Astro’s Playroom task that makes us have to go to the room to choosing to cross a turntable and jumping to the left, as doing it on the pad leads to the red button and this simply does not allow us to reach the goal.

The PlayStation 3: This is simply a console that can be obtained by pulling the blue cable so that this leads us to get a pool for the Astrobot friends when we reach the end of the Hopalot hotel.

 Now that you know how to get all Artifacts in Cooling Springs, it's time to embark on this quest at Astro’s Playroom.